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Out of the NFL for the entire 2016 season, Ryans got his football fix from doing a weekly radio show in Houston with former NFL players Greg Koch and N.But Ryans has always thought about the possibility of coaching, even dating back to his time at Alabama, where his teammates affectionately referred to him as "Coach." And when Kyle Shanahan took the head coaching job in San Francisco this year, he heard from Ryans, who told him he was interested in coaching.They are generally energetic and upbeat but sometimes lack self-control. "That dude was huge for the city and huge for the team," Goode said."It was just huge to learn from him." Ryans — who was lovingly dubbed "Mufasa" by Chip Kelly — was certainly a favorite among his teammates and coaches in Philadelphia.

He caught balls thrown by Drew Brees as a member of the New Orleans Saints. People born in the Year of the Monkey love to make people laugh. So at this baby shower, Jamila broke down and cried after someone gave her a time capsule for her son– to be opened in 2029 when he’s fifteen.She said “Oh that’s so beautiful” and couldn’t hold it together.Right before they all went out there, they had a huddle, and one of his friends gave a kind of pre-game pep talk, asking Demeco “how do you feel? ” and then when the guy asked him again quickly he responded “nervous.”The couple have also since had a baby named Demeco Jr., and I watched another video capturing Demeco Ryans’ girlfriend at her baby shower.

Yes, this couple is smart about hiring professionals to capture their special moments on video, and I have to say I think its a good move since looking back at big events ten or twenty years after they happen is really fun.

She broke down again later when she read a note aloud that was to be put in her son’s time capsule.