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She accused Kanye of cheating and being unfaithful to her in their relationship.

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She is a model, fashion designer, and actress with an estimated wealth of million.Apart from the reality TV shows, Amber has also appeared in a handful of movies including “Gang of Roses 2: Next Generation”, “School Dance” which was directed by TV personality Nick Cannon, “Sister Code” and “Zoolander 2”.Amber promoted her infamous slut walk with a 2015 video “Walk of No Shame” which was released on comedy video website Funny or Die. From all her endeavours as articulated above, it is thought that the value of Amber’s wealth is million.20100830յڹ000000001002160022200350003580030066580067200673008860096400010104117411601900101021021021021023024027028028029906efc202kmky102pmnzy5eo29bfk403-46671810310035411403540368303770424090438360044045104889736350405100515053905390545-25525505741890575057705790594059405061209268964061209951021061309300218061066206060707050807300730073407551680755076833445200771080008330851120085188085086089370968200chat0000highway592000oo0000x070xcbdf9f691-221-8001-8001-8001-8001-877111-medical-billing.

Amber Rose was once in a relationship with rapper Kanye West and has also been previously married to another rapper, Wiz Khalifa.

It has been speculated that her parents boycotted the marriage because they believe their race is superior to the black race. Amber Rose has always loved eyewear since she was little.