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Photographer: Amanda Jordan I’d like to preface this edition of the Expat Dating Diaries with a lengthy note to all readers. Many of you have met men like the ones in The 7 Worst Guys An Expat Can Date. Sorry for the make-up and mush, but I’m assuming you knew what you were getting yourself into.

More often than not he’s “exclusively dating” a few lovely ladies.

I’ve seen this countless times and am heartbroken for my friends who have been hurt.

Some of them even met in Korea and got married here! If you find a diamond in the rough, the Military Man will be the most loyal and caring gentleman in the world.

My family has a history in the RAF (my badass Grandmother) and the RCAF (my Grandfather). The standard review of the Military Man (MM) in Korea, however, is that he’s a dirty dawg. Now that that’s over with, let’s move on to the story. Being deployed over and over again means he’s a lone wolf.

I’m sure there are a number of traits you recognize in women from which you’d like to stay away. ‘ Photographer: Takahiro Sakamoto I have several friends married to wonderful men serving in the hair healer hunk infidelity inspiration jewellery law legal eagle letting go make-over make-up makeover.Your 20s are a funny thing – you’ve been flung out of the comfortable nest of regime, education and guidance and suddenly you’re told to be an adult. I’m currently in a fortunate position where my job allows me the freedom of travel. The only exception being gym couples (mine and Mitch’s mantra is more like ‘couples that snack together, stay together’). And although I am aware of these brain differences - it doesn’t mean I am always understanding, and I often find it incredibly frustrating. My Dearest Readers (or, most likely, reader); It has been just over a year that The Dating Diaries came to a prompt end thanks to a very tall, dark (ish), kind of handsome Kiwi guy. So, although I am no longer ‘dating’ as such, I thought it was time ...Every street you walk down holds a secret, the buildings are wondrous ...

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My life is filled with several disasters and unbelievable events that couldn’t be better if you wrote them.

As a dancer you will find, that people have expectations and prejudgements of you.