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02-Nov-2019 03:43

But from the cases Morgentaler has seen in his practice, it's quite the opposite.Men, like women, are often more concerned with pleasing their partner.In some cases, men can actually orgasm without ejaculating, says Morgentaler.In some men with diabetes, the opening to the bladder doesn't close well, and the fluid can go back into the bladder (it's released when they urinate after sex).

And as the title of his book implies, he's heard some very interesting things in his practice.He hadn't been able to climax during intercourse for most of his life, but since he really cared about his new girlfriend, he'd resorted to faking it so that she wouldn't get offended. "If you're not using a condom, it's often a question of how much fluid is down there and how aware is the woman," says Morgentaler.