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Be sure to watch the latest video: “How To Know When To Go For The Kiss On a Date” on the NEW Dates And Mates You Tube Page!Unfortunately, in the world of dating everyone’s behaviour is under the microscope.) But whatever your own idea of personal space, on a date it’s best to err on the side of caution. It’s not appropriate to move your chair right next to your date, or lean to talk so far that they can feel your breath on their cheek.This doesn’t show you to be interested in your date, it just makes you seem creepy.Body language such as eye contact and smiling, is a much better indicator than some misplaced idea that women love to be chased. No sense of personal space Everyone has their own idea of what constitutes their personal space.

With this growing industry comes a lot of information that’s worth knowing.

We’re going to break this down into men and women, because while weird dating behaviour can be universal, there are some gender specific behaviours that should just be avoided. Would you talk about sex with the lady in the Post Office? No, so why is OK to talk about it after a couple of drinks on a first date? They’ve met guys in bars, friends of friends, and guys online who’ve clearly only got one thing on their mind – and that’s pretty insulting.

If that’s not you (and we really hope it isn’t) save the sexy talk for another time, when you’ve got to know each other a bit better. There are plenty of other topics to cover before you get to the x-rated stuff. Being too persistent Who doesn’t like being chased, right?

Trek Passions is perfect for those people that want to filter Klingons out of their their dating site search to avoid being tortured for information, you know, unless you’re into that type of thing. For those people who actively seek out stray cats to take in to their homes as if they were their own.

This site is for those that really love and care for their cat(s), as if they were an extension of themselves, those that could never imagine themselves being without their feline friends; whose love lives are understandably being stifled by their obsession with cats. Sea Captain For those looking for someone to hoist your flag high, to bring you to at least half-mast, and to clean your dirty deck without any questions asked.

The 8 Strangest Online Dating Sites Online dating has grown substantially since the 1990’s; new dating sites are created based on people’s common interest and hobbies. Vampire For those singles out there that believe in, or believe that they actually are vampires and the ones that get tired of asking, “do you bite during sex? If you’ve ever thought: “I would love to find someone who’s looking for a malnourished sumo wrestler,” Diaper Mates could be your next step in finding love. Stache For the “down-on-their-luck” air-guitarists out there who literally just can’t anymore, when it comes to finding true love.

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