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18-Nov-2019 20:57

The M-1936 Pistol Belt was a slight modification of the M-1912 with a more secure buckle.

This basic belt is still in use, although changed to nylon material in the Vietnam War era.

"US" was marked on the outside of belt, manufacturer and date on inside.

The photo below, left was taken in 1965 in Vietnam, before the nylon version was phased in.

Manufacturing was also uneven as supplies of old fabrics were used up.

Transitional items can still be found with a body of one color and trim pieces of another. Army Infantry Board developed its first standard set of soldier's equipment, designed to distribute the weight of the equipment around the body.

This mated with snap on the .45 cal automatic pistol magazine pouch (Pocket, Magazine, Web, M-1923 or M-1918) which slipped over the pistol belt with a loop of webbing on the back.

For garrison duty, a pistol holster (Holster, .45 Automatic, M-1916 attached with hook fastener, made of tan/brown leather) and the web magazine pouch for two magazines might be all that was attached to the belt.

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Of the two others one is of a cruder imprint and has been over-polished, diminishing the clarity of the markings.

Recently I have seen/read about a roller buckle similiar to the WW2 issue leather belt. Hey Fireman, The Russian soldiers were issued what ever was at hand, sometimes the belt would be a cloth bandoleer, the single or double pronged roller buckel was used when suplies of the standard belt and plate were not available, no soldier was stopped from going to the front because he lacked a bit of equipment. I can not find the photo of the bandoleer tied around the waist, I think it may have been in one of the Coilier's photo books on the European war, I will keep my eyes open and post it if I can find it, if I recall, it was the classic photo of three Russian captured soldiers, none of them had the same equipment or clothing, if I recall correctly, only one had boots, one had foot wraps, and the other was barefoot. Best wishes Gsu I just recieved my example of the steel ersatz Russian belt buckle, and with it, a standard belt buckle that turned out to be a brass plated over a non magnetic steel alloy, my guess is that it is a similar alloy to the steel used in the US helmets.

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