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Instead, learn to be OK with mistakes, and learn to learn from them, and learn to shrug them off so they don’t affect your profound confidence in who you are. Open your heart, be willing to take the wounds that come with an open heart, and you will experience the best of life. Hence, consuming healthy levels of antioxidant foods is one way of protecting against cancer and other diseases.“Can’t I just avoid free radicals? They’re in the air we breathe and the water we drink, not to mention being a natural byproduct of biological processes in the body. Since there are a lot of risk factors for disease we can’t control (such as aging and genetics), it seems logical to take advantage of those we can. The result of free radical accumulation is called “oxidative stress,” and is associated with a number of other diseases as well, including Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Free radicals are everywhere, including in many foods, medicines, and the environment itself.Lemons are high in vitamin C, folate (B9), potassium, flavonoids and antioxidants.This makes them not only great for relieving oxidative stress, but also for supporting heart, immune, and reproductive health. It’s all a matter of adjusting your tastebuds, slowly and gradually. Learning to be OK with some discomfort will change your life. Take a larger perspective: will this matter in five years? Despite their sweetness, strawberries are full of water, making them a low-carb choice. But compassion is about realizing we are no more important than everyone else, and we aren’t at the center of the universe. Get outside of your little shell, and try to see how their day is going. But going outside and playing with friends, tossing a ball around, swimming, climbing something, challenging each other … And it leads to a healthy life, healthy heart, more focused and energetic mind. Avoiding discomfort is very common, but a big mistake. They’re also naturally rich in antioxidants that help with both heart health and blood sugar control.This is what I’d like them to know: You are good enough. My mom, dad, siblings, grandparents, uncles and aunts. Raspberries are so powerful that one study of test-tube cancers showed that the antioxidants found in them managed to kill 90 percent of colon, breast, and stomach cancers.

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You don’t need a boyfriend/girlfriend to tell you that you’re lovable. Having loved ones and friends in your life is amazing, but know who you are first. Studies indicate that these man-made compounds are not only less protective, but may in fact be damaging to human health. Pecans contain fiber, protein, flavonoids, vitamins, and unsaturated fats.

Blueberries may contain the highest amount of antioxidants among all commonly consumed fruits and vegetables, making them the poster-child for antioxidative benefits.