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21-Jan-2020 02:07

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In contrast to all the horror stories being shared, I just want to share my own experience being on both sides of the equation. I’ll tell you right now that I’ve met “rich” and “poor” people who were perfectly humble and also horribly rude. Money determines what you have and can afford, but never the person who spends it.For that, look into their immediate and extended family, upbringing, education, experiences, thoughts and beliefs, etc.My friends and I were recently talking about dating people outside the social class that one belongs to (does it actually matter? idk) I'm asking this sub because I was especially curious about this in the context of our Filipino culture.

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Clarify ko lang na hindi rin naman ako super yaman, but lumaki naman ng may certain conveniences.So for those who have dated people that belong to a different social class than the one you came from (whether it be the one you're in currently or the one you were raised in) how was the experience? That is not my intention, this is a genuine question and obviously (at least in an ideal world) we should love who we love regardless of all these random factors. Yung mga muwebles sa loob ng house ay okay and made of good quality but yung CR nila ay same, buhos system, and hindi masyadong accessible.