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22-Nov-2019 19:51

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It becomes a dividing line of before and after and requires any number of adjustments physically, emotionally and psychologically.

Usually when people hear the word “disability,” they think of physical disabilities.

Disabilities affect how a person views herself and plays a part in how hard that person will work to overcome that disability or in channeling that passion in other healthy directions.

Disabilities affect how a person is viewed by his community, his family and his friends.

Those healing from an injury or illness, especially when it results in a lifetime impairment, deal with the emotional side of realizing they may never be able to swing a bat, run a race, walk or even dress themselves again.

Depression, anger and blame are all effects of a disability and vie for time and consideration.

Walster and her colleagues found that the only important determinant of participants’ liking for their date was his or her physical attractiveness.

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Acquiring a disability through illness or accident affects not only the person with the disability but family and friends as well.

Many are born with physical disabilities and grow up dealing with the limitations they place on their activities and life choices.

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They might do things differently, but the goals are the same – to make a living in order to survive. Most of them are very vocal and honest about the way they feel. If you manage to date someone who’s not talkative or wordy, you can expect them to tell you their true feelings through their work. I’m not talking about volunteering yourself as a muse.… continue reading »

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