Dating hand planes

28-Jan-2020 15:53

Currently there are around 4457 gallery images of various Sargent planes on this site.To find a particular plane, just click on the "Planes & Spokeshaves" link in the menu bar above or "Sargent Planes By Number" on the left sidebar.Vintage Stanley combination planes have always intrigued me.Hand plane technology progressed through the centuries with wooden planes making way for metal-bodied planes.I’ve also come to the conclusion that the company never threw a spare part away, a parsimony which muddies classification considerably.This type study is based on the premium bench planes manufactured by Millers Falls.

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Note: An example of a type 3 bench plane in the original box with the sales receipt inside has been observed on an online auction site. The changes in fittings and finish found on the type 3 were likely the result of war time shortages. Since the change marks the return to an earlier design, a new type designation has not been created for these planes.

I read about and also noticed that there is a large built-in gap ahead of the interchangeable blades which results in a large mouth opening.

This presents an issue with gnarly woods, so it is recommended that straight-grained woods be used.

I set the blade for a very light cut to compensate for this, however this translates to many more strokes to arrive at the same point. 45 has an adjustable depth stop which works very well. 45 had an fence adjustable with a fence adjusting screw setup which makes it easier to tweak the fence.

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I disassembled and cleaned this particular plane to become familiar with the different components.

beading cutter was honed to perform testing of the plane. This plane does however easily plow through straight-grained woods creating straight, symmetric and accurate beads, grooves, dadoes in no time! The skate between the main body at the right and the adjustable fence at the left is the sliding, adjustable skate. The two necessary adjustments the depth of the cutter in relation to the skates and the sliding skate location. This skate supports the outboard part of the 7/8 in. The depth gauge adjustment also needs to be set for the vertical depth of the rabbet. Notice the fence is actually beneath the cutter when making rabbets and is set to the width of the rabbet. Shown is an assortment of cutters that come with this particular model.