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On the 3rd Friday night of any month, we'll play acoustic Gospel Music. RESTAURANT327 Missouri Alma, KS 66401785-765-2527Simply put our food tastes good.

On the 4th Friday night of every month, we'll plug in - for Old Timey Rock & Roll and Vintage Country Music jam session. Daily Specials Home cookin is what we serve Home Made Pies too--- Come on in whether for a piece of pie or a complete meal. "Full Service" Bar When in (or near) Wickenburg make sure you stop in to experience a great cup of coffee, some breakfast, lunch, or perhaps an evening of fine dining.

You're always welcome to drop in for a bit at our place, the Indian Village. Really good homemade meals that will not only take care of your hunger but will please your pocketbook too. Friendly People, Rooms also available at the lodge. Gift items, cards, balloons and unique treasures fill the store.

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