Dating game improvisation

21-Oct-2019 02:46

It’ll be harder to come up with questions than you think, but remember you can be silly here.My troupe likes the question “If you were ice cream/a cupcake, what flavor would you be? Remember, it’s the Questioner’s job to figure out who these three people are, so you want to ask them questions that will actually give you useful information, like “What are you usually doing around six in the afternoon?Each contestant should try to provide funny/witty responses to these questions, but the improviser should prioritizing answering in a timely manner over giving the answer.They should also expect to answer three or four questions.You angle the fourth chair stage right and to one side, so the Questioner cannot see the contestants.

The improvisers need to remember certain rules that make watching it more entertaining. You get four chairs, three for the contestants and one for the person asking questions. This can be somebody from a cartoon or somebody in a movie (specifically the character, not the actor), but really it just needs to be somebody that doesn’t really exist.

Other students provide character endowments for the three others, like “nervous doctor,” “arrogant astronaut,” etc.

To hone character; to make offers and accept them in character; to play the game of the scene.

It’s a relatively low energy game, but when done well it can end up being hilarious.

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Most often, this relies on clever improvised answers rather than playing the game accurately.

After the questions the “bachelor/ette” should guess what the endowments were.