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23-Feb-2020 03:31

not necessarily ready to launch into a full-blooded romantic relationship, but open to the idea of finding one if they start with companionship first and let things grow from there.

But more fundamentally, the entire Stitch philosophy is different from anything found on any typical “Dating Site”.

And for a large number of our members, this means finding a romantic companion.

That’s why one of the major features of Stitch is the ability to browse profiles of other members and get matched based on your companionship settings.

Or the way our members use the chat rooms & discussion forums to encourage and help their fellow members where they need it, whether that’s sharing their experiences of getting over losing a loved one, or advice on how to manage the often lonely journey to find companionship.

This may sound like a marketing slogan, but it accurately describes the enormous difference between what Stitch is and pretty much any online service I can think of. The way that most people, if you give them the right opportunity, enjoy doing things that make the world a better place.We can’t map who your friends are, because we don’t know who they are. This is so important that I’m going to say it again: Stitch is a COMMUNITY.You don’t come to Stitch to tell us about your existing connections; you come to Stitch to make new ones. The idea of a community probably seems like an old-fashioned idea these days, in a world that seems increasingly fragmented, individualistic and selfish.Or the many travel experiences that our members organize (did you know about the recent Stitch trip to Las Vegas?

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) as a way to meet & experience new things without having to do so alone.That may not seem all that surprising – it’s quite reasonable for someone who hasn’t heard about Stitch before to ask what it is.

He may have a mental health issue if the anxiety is constant and interferes all the time.… continue reading »

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As a member or a guest, we probably know your e-mail address and in some situations also your telephone number or residential address details.… continue reading »

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