Dating bad boy traits

13-Feb-2020 12:13

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That's when they started laughing about the movie and dinner.. Oh no, so she will have to be walking around all day holding onto this rose? The mistake is thinking that activities or that the guy rides a motorbike is the "bad boy" aspect when it is simply a veneer for the real "reason" why these guys appeal.

Bad boys appeal because they do what they want, they "lead" and as a result do generally do not put up with female nonsense.

'Nice guy' usually means they see it as a transaction, be nice and polite then sex is required.

Yet obviously anyone can do these things so how can they be considered attractive.

The girls in my circle loves the active date, which both your replies are correct.. I don’t though like money showered on me (I always expect to go halves in a meal on a date or if they pay for one date I’ll pay for the next – but that only works when you’re not doing super expensive stuff all the time).

it doesn't give you much chance to chat and get to know each other.. bringing flowers and all, they aren't into that also.. they like it once they are in a relationship but while courting.. And the other factor is (especially if it’s a date with someone you’ve met online) you want something fairly public and that isn’t necessarily going to go forever or gives you some exit options if it’s not going well. I know I’m pretty low maintenance when it comes to dating. I am going to just ask what sort of bad traits they are talking about and see.. No mature woman wants a 'bad boy', they want a nice man they get along with. The traits women enoy in a 'bad boy' is confidence and charm.

Don’t think I’ve ever been into ‘bad boys’ (whatever that’s supposed to mean anyway) but I’m also pretty traditional and like men, initially, to take a bit of the lead. In regards to ‘active’ dates, my partner and I got together after doing the ‘1000 Steps’ in Melbourne a few times.

He then opened my eyes and said "you're not lucky, you just don't accept problems".... You see it on whirlpool, and you see it in your own social circle.I agree that bringing flowers etc to a first/second date might be a bit overwhelming but I like Ronan’s suggestion above (and have had that happen on a date and loved it! I love doing active activities (outside walks, want to go indoor rock climbing etc) with my current partner.I don’t know at what point that stops becoming a ‘date’ though!I've had a group of girls in a car saying nice bike and stuff at the lights, so must be doing something...

until I take the helmet off lol I wasn't trying to categories it..

You don’t want to be stuck somewhere for hours with no escape if it’s not going well (or have someone spending a stack of money on it). I would never have gotten into a car with a strange guy to go 4WD no matter how much of a nice guy he seemed.