Dating antique clasps

01-Feb-2020 20:06

From Turkey and Armenia silver refining technology spread to the rest of Asia Minor and Europe. Silver “treasures” recovered by archaeologists from the second and third millenniums demonstrate the high value the ancient Mediterranean and Near East placed upon silver. In surviving inventories of valuables, items of silver were listed above those of gold during the Old Kingdom.Some of the richest burials in history uncovered by archaeologists have been from this time frame, that of Queen Puabi of Ur, Sumeria (26th century B. Jewelry made of silver was almost always thinner than gold pieces, as indicated by the bracelets of the 4th Dynasty (about 2,500 B.Earlier rings contain symbols of the ancient Roman gods.Rings of the mid to late empire may contain a simple Christian cross, or star cross.Rings of the Byzantine (Eastern Roman Empire) have more intricate devices cast into the bezel and band, and frequently contain a representation of the cross of Constantine or a Byzantine cross.Attribution of ancient Roman rings is mostly accurate to within 150 years, one way or the other.

When the price of silver finally did fall due to more readily available supplies, for at least another thousand years (through at least the 19th dynasty, about 1,200 B. This ancient source was eventually supplemented around 800 B. (and then eventually supplanted) by the massive silver mines found in Spain by the Phoenicians and their colony (and ultimate successors) the Carthaginians (operated in part by Hannibal’s family).

C.) queen Hetephere I, in marked contrast to the extravagance of her heavy gold jewelry.

A silver treasure excavated by archaeologists and attributable to the reign of Amenemhat II who ruled during the 12th Dynasty (about 1900 B.

C.) circulated widely throughout the Hellenic world. C.), spread the concept of coinage throughout the lands he conquered.

For both Philip II and Alexander silver coins became an essential way of paying their armies and meeting other military expenses.

Although known during the Copper Age, silver made only rare appearances in jewelry before the classical age.

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