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The quality of the surface water in this locality proving ruinous to steam boilers, an artisan well was sunk by the company in 1881 to a depth of 2,026 feet where a vein of comparatively pure soft water watch struck, flowing at the surface line two hundred galls per minute.

This water is pumped to an elevation of 75 feet into a distributing reservoir of 80,000 gallons capacity, situated 1200 feet east of the works.

Female help constituted about 40% of the whole force.

They have never look to Europe for operatives, although many foreign workmen have been hired through letter of recommendation.

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The Chicago & Northwestern and Chicago, Milwaukee & St.

Paul Railroad Companies have erected depots close by the factory buildings which give the company and it's employees easy and frequent communication with the great center of Western trade.

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View Movements » Elgin 0 size pocket watch models: The Atlas watch company model in 7 jewel, various models of "Elgin Watch co." in 7j,15j,19j, Francis Rubie. Stratton, then connected with the American Watch Company, of Waltham Massachusetts. Stratton was sent to Europe by the latter company soon afterward so the matter was dropped for the time being. Mr Raymond, Culver and Adams were appointed a committee on location and finally selected Elgin. During the month of November 1864, machinery and supplies for a machine shop were purchased in the East and shipped to Elgin where a temporary wooded structured, 35' x 60' three stories high was erected on the water power to served the purposes of the company until the factory should be ready for occupancy. The first building already described contained a floor area of about 23,000 ft. View Movements » Elgin 10 size pocket watch models: the Dexter Street model, the Frances Rubie, the Gail Borden, the Lady Elgin model, and the model 21-28. Blake, of Waltham, both of whom were at the time prominently connected with the American Watch Company visited Chicago and the idea of starting a watch company was once more agitated. Adams soon after went to Waltham where he interviewed a number of practical men who were anxious to go into a new company if men with large capital and business experience could be found to form the new company. They were all at this time in the employ of the Waltham Watch Company in more or less important positions. In February 1880, this line was extended by the addition of two bridge movements, one nickel and one gilt.