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Music: My Rating 7/10 Jessica Jung (Girls’ Generation) “That One Person” DNu Ez YHw The theme song: Peppertones “Chance” EMs5j8WU An excellent ballad! D “Something Flutters” Big Baby Driver “Take My Hands Tonight” O0Vp Qlkz Q A fun 60’s-ish folksy ballad: Big Baby Driver “In The Same Storm” Yl8 Overall Charisma: My Rating 8/10 All of the “Flower Boy” dramas, save was sweet and fun, it followed the standard formats and had the same general romantic comedy feel of its contemporaries.

The others in the series have all been just a bit edgier, a little off-center, slightly off the beaten path in a direction that makes them fresh and fun.

Although attractive, his features are not the standard pretty-boy adorable, nor are they ruggedly handsome.

While he does not sport Cyrano’s renowned beak, his personality, as portrayed in the drama, had both the panache and emotional shortcomings relevant to a Cyrano-esque character.

The owner, still struggling under a debt burden left by his deceased friend and partner, is the stoic, intelligent, emotionally blunt Seo Byung-hoon.

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Her highly romanticized view of the world is a source of scorn for Byung-hoon, curiosity for Moo-jin, and admiration for Ah-rang.

Min-young is intrigued by the work done by Cyrano Dating Agency and is drawn towards the ascetic and impersonal Byung-hoon, despite his best efforts to dissuade her.