Dating a guarded person Face to face xxx chat

06-Oct-2019 17:30

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Not cynical but mostly realistic but scared of being unsafe .Love and a guarded women are not like romeo & juliet .Point 3 – Guarded women surely would give you her positive words and assurance to compensate what she steps back now .One question guys who love a guarded women and in LDR is that why haven’t you felt this love on those who meet face to face and know much more ? From her guarded nature she would have done many thing that she never did before to give you more space in her life .Sure, you can’t help what your initial reaction is, but maybe you can accept that only a super guarded person would react that way.If you recognize this in yourself, try discussing your feelings (and your immature reaction) with your guy — he’ll probably be understanding. Keeping it casual is a must, and you like to avoid serious talk and any activities that might make the relationship seem more serious.However, there’s a chance you could be a bit cautious in your relationships and you don’t even realize it.

Now there comes your desperate question of meeting or Skype talks .It’s way too easy to get hurt in love, so it makes sense to be guarded.