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30-Nov-2019 09:24

Studies show that a partner’s evaluations clearly affect one’s own self-evaluations (Leary, Tambor, Terdal, & Downs, 1995).

As such, individuals are likely to collect self-perceptions from patterns of interactions between themselves and their romantic partners.

Therefore, an assessment of cyber dating abuse likely implicates other abusive behaviors.

The relative effect of cyber dating abuse on adjustment is largely unknown at this time; however, in one study, adolescents reported 2009; Robinson & Cameron, 2012).

Dating abuse is a common experience among emerging adults that has significant consequences for mental and physical well-being (Liu, Yu, & Ma, 2014).

Exposure to dating violence in all forms during emerging adulthood is associated with a wide range of negative outcomes involving diminished relationship quality (Marcus, 2004) and individual adjustment, including low self-esteem (Katz, et al., 2000), substance use (Eshelman & Levendosky, 2012), school dropout (Kaukinen, 2014), and feelings of depression and anxiety (Hanson, 2002).

According to the National Centre of Injury Prevention and Control (2016), dating abuse involves using psychological, physical, emotional, and/or sexual behaviors to gain and maintain power and control over one’s partner in a romantic relationship.

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