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07-Dec-2019 21:14

Five months after the direct management fee model was put in place for American Century's One Choice Target-Date Portfolios, the firm was able to add an emerging market corporate debt strategy at no additional cost to plan participants, Mr. Under the old fee model, changing an underlying strategy would have had a "tangible effect on the expense ratio," he added.

When the new fee model was put in place, expense ratios for most mutual fund share classes for the One Choice portfolios were reduced by 6 basis points, while the expense ratio for the R6 share class (which doesn't have revenue sharing) fell by 13 basis points, he said. Haas said the new fee structure reinforced the firm's "commitment to being competitively priced in the target-date space" and providing better retirement outcomes for participants.

Other target-date fund managers that have announced price cuts of 2 basis points or more over the past year include American Century Investments, Fidelity Investments, J. 31, 2016, down from 1.03% at the end of 2009, according to the most recent data available from Morningstar Inc.

In a news release on Putnam's new share class, Steven P.

By comparison, only about 80 excessive-fee lawsuits were filed in the decade prior, the law firm said.

The lawsuits addressed not just target-date funds but also other investment options.

It is also common for companies to prepare a Note: Under the accrual method of accounting, a company's financial statements must report all expenses and liabilities that are probable and can be measured even if the vendors' invoices have not yet been received or fully processed.

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For example, a 0 repair bill received on January 6 have been an obligation as of December 31 and is actually a January expense.At the same time that MFS added the blended research funds, it added class R6 shares to the target-date series.Fees for the R6 share class range from 0.44% to 0.52% depending on the vintage year, Mr. Other ways target-date fund managers have driven down costs has been launching purely index-based series or strategies that blend active and passive strategies. introduced a series of index-based target-date mutual funds made up of low-cost Schwab exchange-traded funds. target-date fund managers are continuing to find ways to cut costs amid heightened fee scrutiny from plan executives and consultants, increased competition among managers, and a desire among managers to help improve participants' retirement income.

The new share class has a management fee of 0.35%, compared with the 0.5% previously charged, a Putnam spokesman said. The average asset-weighted expense ratio for a target-date mutual fund series was 0.71% as of Dec.

Mc Kay, head of defined contribution investment only, said the Boston-based firm was "laser-focused on addressing the issues most important to plan sponsors and consultants, including fees, transparency and performance."David O'Meara, New York-based senior investment consultant at Willis Towers Watson PLC, attributed part of the focus on fees to plan executives' growing appreciation of their fiduciary duty to help participants achieve the "retirement outcomes that they desire and deserve."Concerns over litigation also have driven plan executives to be increasingly cost conscious, consultants and researchers said.

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