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American texts of this ballad are rare, though the riddle portion of the ballad has been collected widely as a separate song entitled Riddles have for a long time played a noteworthy part in ballad courtship even occurring as far away as Siberia, the woman promising her hand to the first suitor to solve her riddles. Jon Boden sang it unaccompanied as the February 27, 2011 entry of his project A Folk Song a Day where he commented: I’m really proud of the Bellowhead version of this strange little riddle song.

This is an anglicised collation of a number of Scottish versions the brunt of which comes from the collection of F. I wonder whether “worse than a woman’s voice” may be a mondegreen (woman’s scorn maybe? This one is learnt from Tim and Maddy’s lovely version.

He held her by the middle of the waist for fear that she should fall Before they'd lie in one bed and she'd lie next to the wall.

“But,” said the pretty lady, “before you me perplex It's you must answer questions yet and that is questions six.

"Learning to communicate joys, gratitude, and even (or especially) learning to constructively put across feelings of anger and hurt make courtship happy and fruitful and will stand a future marriage in good stead." By Dominic and Krizia Cooray If you believe that pop culture reflects or influences our beliefs and actions, you should be concerned when you hear Bruno Mars’s hit single Marry You: ‘It's a beautiful night, we're looking for something dumb to do. For instance, it has been estimated that, in the US, the lifelong probability of a marriage ending in divorce is 40%–50%.[1] Only about a third of the marriages in Belgium actually last.

In Asia, in developed countries like Singapore and Hong Kong, divorce rates have been rising steadily while young people are delaying marriage – if they get married at all.

And in the parish whaur they live they was not a blither twa And they baith lay in ae bed and she lay neist the wa'.

The Laird o' Roslin's dochter walked through the woods her leen When by cam' Captain Wedderburn, a servant tae the King.

He said unto his servant man, “Were it no' against the law I would tak' her tae my ain bed and lie her neist the wa'.” “I'm walkin' here alane,” she said, ”among my faither's trees, And you must let me walk alane, kind sir, now if you please; The supper bells, they will be rung and I'll be missed awa', So I canna lie in your bed, either at stock or wa'.” He says, “My bonnie lassie, I pray lend me your hand, And ye'll get drums and trumpets always at your command, And fifty men tae guard you as long's this sword can draw, And we'll baith lie in ae bed and you'll lie neist the wa'.” “Oh,” says the bonnie lassie, “Pray tell tae me your name.” “My name is Captain Wedderburn, a servant tae the King.

The spelling of Roslin/Rosslyn: According to Wikipedia, Rosslyn Chapel and Roslin Castle are located at the village of Roslin, Midlothian, Scotland. Thanks to Sylvia Sotomayor for correcting Tim Hart and Maddy Prior's lyrics.

A new article in the series on the meaning of human love. No, I won't blame you; It was fun, girl.’ And divorce certainly is becoming more commonplace.He held her by the middle of the waist for fear that she should fall Till he took her to his own bed to lie her next to the wall. Before I'll lie in your bed at either stock or wall.” “Oh, death is greener than the grass and is higher than the trees.