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13-Jan-2020 16:29

Consumers struggling under a mountain of debt are vulnerable and easy prey for scam artists. People trust that the government will treat them fairly and not try to rip them off.Source The government does not approve private debt consolidation programs or companies.However, the Department of Justice publishes a free state-by-state listing of approved credit counseling agencies.The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) rule would require lenders to conduct background checks showing that borrowers can afford the loans.The rule also limits the number of loans made to a single person. The federal government does sponsor debt forgiveness for select obligations – the ones they have direct control over such as student loans and tax obligations.These recommended agencies offer required education services for consumers undergoing bankruptcy.The United States Government does not back debt relief programs directly to consumers – nor does it offer grants to individuals.

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Grants represent money that you do not have to pay back.

However, each program works indirectly and affects only a small well-defined group – if at all.