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06-Nov-2019 09:10

Whether you choose a cash-out refinance, a HELOC or second mortgage, current mortgage rates are still stable and low.

Compare the costs of these programs and restructure your debt now.

So don’t use home equity unless you are very, very disciplined and did not acquire debt through financial mismanagement.

If you have any doubt at all about your ability to pay off your debt and stay out of trouble, get professional help.

Our guide to remortgaging can help you decide if switching from your current mortgage deal is right for you Paying off your existing mortgage with a new one can offer flexibility, a better deal on your monthly repayments or an opportunity to consolidate your debts.

Remortgaging can also save you thousands of pounds, but it comes down to your personal circumstances.

In this example, the homeowner can borrow an additional 0,000 (0,000 x 80 percent = 0,000. You have three options for using home equity to pay off more expensive debt: the cash-out refinance, the fixed second mortgage, and the home equity line of credit (HELOC).

Consider cash-out refinancing only if you can significantly improve on the terms of your current mortgage.

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Refinancing your non-housing debt with a mortgage does not mean your debts have been “wiped out.” You’ve restructured the debt and made it more manageable, but it still exists. Credit counselors estimate that over 80 percent of those who use home equity to clear credit card debt run their cards up again and end up in worse shape.

It may not be easy, but dig in your heels, create a budget, cut costs, pick your smallest debt, and pay that one off. Then repeat the same process with the remaining debts that you have.