Code for updating database in asp net

05-Jan-2020 22:47

RELATED LINKS REMARKS To see the examples, type: "get-help Add-Migration -examples".For more information, type: "get-help Add-Migration -detailed".When a database receives a SQL statement, it determines if the statement has already been executed and stored in memory.If the statement does exist in memory, Oracle Database can reuse it and skip the task of parsing and optimizing the statement.RELATED LINKS REMARKS To see the examples, type: "get-help Update-Database -examples".For more information, type: "get-help Update-Database -detailed".In order to use code-based migration, you need to execute the following commands in the Package Manager Console in Visual Studio: method contains code for dropping or deleting database objects.

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In the previous chapter, you learned about automated migration which automatically updates the database schema when you change domain classes. The code-based migration provides more control on the migration and allows you to configure additional things such as setting a default value of a column, configure a computed column etc.Meaning one click of button, all the row will become editable. The quickest means to implement Edit All functionality I can think of is to add a Grid Button Column to the grid with Button Type="Image Button" and Command Name="Edit All" (also make sure you set Allow Multi Row Edit = true for the grid).