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21-Dec-2019 10:39

And so, because being fat is so terrible, having a preference for someone who is larger than average cannot be seen as ‘normal’.

I’m fat because I like crisps, and beer and a majority of my day is spent sitting at a desk. However, when you tell me I’m ‘curvy’ or ‘voluptuous’, what you’re really saying is ‘fat is an awful thing to be’.

It gives the impression that if you have a love of the larger figure, you must be a fearful, crouching masturbator who cannot find a ‘normal’ relationship.

It also separates plus sized people from the rest of society. I’m happy to raise my hand and cry ‘I’m a fat-fat-fatty fat girl!

If a women likes bigger men, we use the rather more playful and socially acceptable ‘chubby chaser’, gay people have the equally cuddly ‘bears’.

But an averaged sized man can’t like a fat girl without having a fetish? I run Body Positive club nights in London where I encourage anyone of any size to come and have a night out in a non-judgemental atmosphere, but this has lead me to hear both sides of an argument which just doesn’t need to exist.

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