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Historically, floods that created and destroyed Oregon chub habitat occurred on a regular basis in the Willamette Valley.

Rivers overflowed their banks, scouring new side channels and backwater areas while filling in other areas.

These criteria state that in order to down list the species there must be 10 populations of Oregon chub containing at least 500 adults, all 10 populations must be stable or increasing in abundance for five years, and these populations must be geographically distributed such that at least three populations are in the Middle fork Willamette drainage, the Santiam drainage, and the main stem Willamette drainage.

Oregon chub were down listed from “endangered” to “threatened” in May 2010.

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The mean fecundity (F) was 285,704 oocytes, ranging from 77,621 to 465,712.

This little speckled fish reaches a maximum length of 3 inches.