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The church has something important to offer, but we have to start getting it right.Did you know that over 70% of youth groups are under 15 kids?By examining their relationships, how they spend their time, their unique experiences, and their overall world, teens will find help and encouragement in the journey to uncovering God’s perfect plan!There is also a DVD companion piece with leader guide. By Duffy Robbins / Zondervan/Youth Specialties A concise-but-powerful blueprint for a youth ministry that fans the flames of lasting faith!Word will spread that their church experience is great. The kids in my previous Sunday school class are all great kids: Good grades, well behaved, two parent households, attend church regularly, lots of after school activities. For one thing, they are actually harder to reach than the so-called fringe kids.They take in the Biblical knowledge I teach them but it’s hard to tell if their hearts are being touched.Taking the focus off just fun and games, veteran youth worker Robbins casts a far-reaching vision, challenging leaders to think beyond what teens are doing now and pursue the ultimate ministry goal—a lifelong love of Christ.More information about How To Help Parents Disciple Their Kids.

The church will grow: Kids are natural evangelists. Each chapter has been thoroughly revised with new research, statistics, quotations, and documentation.Even though your youth group is small you have been given an important ministry by being a mentor to these kids.What a legacy you, as a Sunday school teacher, will have as the years go by and the kids you’ve loved grow into adults.Grow your library of resources and connect with other youth ministry leaders. You might have great evangelistic gifts but your kids might have other spiritual gifts.

Discover what their gifts are and help them develop those gifts.

Far from the “bubblegum” Sunday School lessons frequently found at your local bookstore, these Teen Bible Lessons handle serious doctrinal issues and often asked questions in a way that kids can understand. While the Sunday School Lessons for teenagers are free to use, please respect my copyrights by leaving the credit statement on the sheet when you make copies for your class. If supplies are needed for the lessons I have provided links to sources for those supplies for your convenience.