Christian dating as friends

06-Mar-2020 21:59

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However, I had to move from this area and am now living in a different place. Their discussions of faith are based on sins I find so trivial (like not thinking mean things about someone or not gossiping).I have only maintained one of the friendships from this church. About a year ago, when I moved back, I began searching for a church that was as great as my last church. I picked one that came close and joined several groups in attempt to meet new people (three groups, to be exact). My struggles with faith seem so much bigger than these struggles.

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Our community is a source for creating relationships and enjoying fellowship.

God tells us to do this because He loves us and He knows that communing with Him will increase our love for Him and intimacy with Him.

Also keep in mind it’s OK to pray that the Lord would bring deep Christian friendships into your life. As you wrote, it is impossible to grow in Christ when you neglect your relationship with Him and instead spend most of your time and emotional focus on people and ideas that are indifferent or hostile toward God.

” He asked, “Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting Me?

” Grow in your love for Christ, and you will grow in your love for His people and your desire to have fellowship with them.

That’s why I’m encouraging you to start with your relationship with God himself.

For some of us this may be hard to fathom but moving on is a deeply personal experience and what feels right for one, may feel inappropriate for someone else.… continue reading »

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