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I was there in the 70's working at JR's steakhouse just down the boardwalk. The stairs came right up behind them so the sight that greeted me was 6 beautiful behinds. Where the Beachcomber is now there was a food stand. But it certainly brought back some very fond memories.

Sad to watch the fire last night destroy what Sandy didn't including Funtown. The fire of 1955 took the building and the family moved it to Du Pont Ave next to the arcade where you are referring to with all the great band!

Frankie Valli played the Parrot because it was a larger bar. When you heard Mule Skinner Blues, that was coming from the Beachcomber. Phil Humphrey & The Fenderman were the Beachcomber's bar band for several years back in the 1960s. Also, met my present partner there back in the summer of 1985. Any pictures that someone could post of the inside of the bar or bands playing?

What was the name of the place across the boardwalk from the Chatterbox that jutted out over the ocean? Frankie Valli also played there, but their best act was a group named "The Knockouts" that played all around Jersey. Worked there in 1963 - 1965, saw some great acts there, Jerry lee Lewis and the Minute Men, Jay and the Americans, four Seasons, Local ban Gary Chris and the Crystals and many more that I can not think of right now.

I can still remember eating clams from the stand in the alcove a little down from the Chatterbox and hearing "Mule Skinner Blues" echoing out from that place. It was the Beachcomber for years I've seen pictures of it before my time and it called the Parrot Club.... I was wondering if you have any pictures from the Funatics or any pictures of him that you would not mind sharing. I was just thinking about old times at the shore when I read your post. There was a house as you came into Seaside on the right that was three stories with a Moose head on it that a lot of the people that worked at the bar stayed during the summer.

Beachcomber moved accross the boardwalk recently to around where the original chatterbox was.. My mom and dad met at the Jersey shore and i found my luv at the jersey shore and then my son started hitting the clubs because he went to Tom River East what else would he be doing Hi My dad is Joe Cilurso or maybe known as Joey Castle. I would really love to have some from that time period. I went with Csrmine for a couple of years around 1961 (? My sister and my cousin and I worked at the VIP for several years during the summer in the kitchen, the dining room and the lounge.

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Right next to the Casino Pier arcade ( north, ocean side ) was The Parrot Club. the knockouts were great doing the song I got my mojo released an album which I am still trying to find after all these years.My grandma used to keep it in her garden when she lived on the boulevard.I remember seeing Rick Derringer at the Chatterbox.Seaside was my second home..lived in our shore house on Webster Ave all summer right next to the Sonny's and Ricky's warehouse/garage. When did the band break up and do you keep in touch with anybody from the band?

My brohers and I would go to the cold storage for yoo hoo, ice and bait to go crabbing. I posted a reply but made a mistake with my email address Hopefully you can find the original and email me your answer. Joan I had said that I went with Carmine for a couple years around 1961 or so. Glad to hear he’s happily married and hopefully still enjoying are correct on the above......i was really young and looked in & saw the Fun Atics i was toooo young to get in the club so i followed them to Mountain Lakes Inn in Greenwood Lake New York and i cannot think of the other club then they went to the Garden House in Lynhurst, nj they played a long time and by then i had met the band and married the comic Carmen Caro who was Really Carmine Vaccaro and then they went on the road they were together over 10 years. He played with the Funatics mainly the Hammond and piano. They had entertainment several days a week geared toward an older crowd, the name of one nightclub singer now escapes me.

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