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19-Jan-2020 12:33

When homosexuality is involved, the disapproval often becomes revulsion.Fans and alumni seem to assume that Lesbians are a significant part of the women's basketball population; but when it's shoved into their faces, they often get squirmy. The first name to come up: Kim Mulkey, the former Louisiana Tech mega star and assistant coach who is now the head coach at Baylor.Despite her accomplishments, on March 7 of this year Chatman announced her resignation.According to an “We respect the decision that Pokey Chatman has made regarding her future career opportunities,” athletic director Skip Bertman said in a news release.

This new-found fascination for the Lady Tigers isn't so much about a run to the women's Final Four. The dirty little whispers across the state are about a supposed sexual relationship between Chatman and a player.

However, Berry’s dissolving from the harsh light she created is an entirely different matter.

Sure, the excuse can be made that she too is helping to prepare the Lady Tigers for their first round NCAA tournament game, but there are mysterious elements to this curious affair that need exploring.

Think of this: Chatman was/is so close to Berry that after Chatman was told to remove herself from her team .

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The potential “things” are these: Carla Berry is involved in some sort of power play by boosters, university officials, the athletic department, or by Berry herself; that neither “school officials” nor the athletic department removed Berry from contact with the team as they did Chatman points to complicity between Berry and/or the athletic department and school officials; that Chatman continued to seek counsel from Berry further illustrates Berry’s duplicity in what for all the world appears to be a coup d’etat by Berry and shadow figures of Chatman and her reign as head coach for one of the top women’s basketball teams in the country.

“On behalf of LSU, I thank her for her athletic accomplishments as a player and as a coach, and for the community service work she has performed for sports blog reported that sexual improprieties were the real reason Chatman retired.

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