10-Jan-2020 15:53

FYI, it turned out that she was scared at the thought until she saw people coming down again.She hadn’t worked out it was possible to come down, and thought she’d have to stay up there. Best wishes and thanks Westmoreland Park, Bracknell The girls had such great fun this morning. Have tagged you on social media and will let St Josephs Primary School know how fab you were!Larmer Tree Gardens Thank you for an amazing Bank Holiday Monday tree climb at Larmer Tree Gardens – Chris and Kev were brilliant!

Your staff were absolutely fantastic, especially with Annabelle who has mild autism but was still able to fully access to the activity.

Jakmile se vám začne vaše kosmetická sbírka rozrůstat, je na čase začít přemýšlet nad tím, jak ji co nejlépe uskladnit.

Ideální volbou je pořídit si praktický, úložný systém, díky kterému budete mít všechny vaše oblíbené produkty hezky po ruce.

At last the end of the rope came into sight Best not to look down in case of a fright So, with one last pull and push of my feet I certainly had this mighty tree beat But suddenly the joy of the moment had gone Despite reaching the top of the mum’s echelon A thought crossed my mind causing a frown How in God’s name am I going to get down?

No worries a voice shouted up from below Loosen the knot and let yourself go So, with a leap of faith and a silent murmur Yay I was soon back safely on terra firmer Although it had been nearly a year to wait We didn’t get the T-shirt but instead a certificate The moral of this ditty is I did not fall So, get out there, enjoy life is my message to you all!Kvalitní kosmetika a správný postup je vše, co potřebujete.