Chat with aunties as mesage

17-Feb-2020 16:38

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She’d get interested by your profile, your style in the pictures and that would get her to chat with you, or message.

While chatting things you need to notice: – Don’t type like Hi m Y n Ame i ZZ b L%[email protected]’s just immature and stupid, except if you are talking to a 15 year old and you are yourself 13.

But in this entire book, I haven’t and I am not talking about the exceptional cases; I am only talking about the majority of cases which would be, to assume, more than ninety percent. The first thing that you need to do is show her a purpose; show her that there is a purpose which is why you have added or wanted to befriend her; and by doing that you erase the idea from her mind that you sent her a friend request randomly. (It’s psychological) – You get a reply immediately because no other guy has done it before. Always remember: Your purpose is just a pretext in tricking her to talking to you.

It is not an actual purpose, something like a business proposition or work you need her participation with.

What you can do is, if you read much, you can put good quotes from writers, nice pictures on your wall, jokes that actually are funny – stay on the neutral side rather than being too extreme on any end. Note: Don’t remark about someone’s beauty unless you are a fine art student or a painter.

The thing is I am not doubting that she’d feel bad or anything negative about your comments; but my focus is all about the words.

And be assured because a girl loves to answer questions regarding her life. If you have to buy one, would that be the one that bites or scratches?

But you never ask her direct questions like- ‘Do you have a boyfriend? (Get into philosophical questions) – What’s your favorite color? For more questions: List of topics you can message!

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– Avoid wearing shirts if you are below 18, or if they don’t fit you and are bright colored.

After doing this, you get into the terms of talking to her faster than anybody who has ever added her randomly.

You use the same pretext for your initial chats too, in which you suddenly pretend to have found such a great person accidently; you request her to keep in touch by the means of mails/ messages from time to time. From here on, you become the most curious person in the world, you ask her everything about her life that you possibly can.

– You and your friends are laughing with your teeth out.

(if it’s a good laugh, then of course yes) – Of you and you roommates in your room with your boxers or shorts on, unless you have shaved legs.

(exception: If they really fit you, and are decent, then why not) – Do use photo Editing software(s) on your pictures.

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