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03-Oct-2019 13:21

We all have the right to operate and navigate our own in whichever way we feel most comfortable.

It’s important that we offer that respect to each other as we move in the dating world.

It just means you both weren't the right fit for one another. I was actually pleasantly surprised a lot of the time. Mind you, there’s a lot of grey area between absolutely no sexual contact, and straight up first love.

But I had zero expectation or criteria stating that my partner must have made the same commitment in their lives.So, being the entitled piece of sh*t that he was, he tried to rape my virginity out of me.Luckily for me, like with most things he ever tried in life, he failed at seeing it through. That doesn’t mean I didn’t experience lasting trauma from the sexual assault.It only hardened my determination to protect my promise to myself, and protect my body in the future from similar, entitled men.

Just because I’ve chosen to save myself for marriage, doesn’t mean I don’t have a sexual nature or sexuality to speak of.Even into my adulthood, with a well-activated sexuality brewing in me, I still remained a virgin in my dating life.