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I don't know if that is socially acceptable, though...Anyways, for non-special guys, I think 3-10 yrs would be good... If you're 10 yrs older than me, you probably also have to be more special than say a guy who is 3 yrs older than me.*That all being said...This includes Single Christian pastors, counselors and singles like yourself that can help dish practical advice to others through the interactive comments that takes place here.The Bible (Proverbs) says it’s a wise thing to have many advisers, so if we put our heads together we can all help each other make great choices as we grow closer to Jesus. One of the reasons people were so obsessed with Y2K in late 1999 was because it represented more than an isolated technological problem.“Somebody’s trying to tell us something,” one person said in response to the NPS statement, which I posted on Twitter.Unlike a typical church where certain subjects will not be broached, there is no topic that is taboo here.We have partnered with ministries, pastors, counselors and singles like yourself to bring you practical stuff you can use.

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If you're fresh out of college and aren't completely stable, then that's understandable.

I know life is busy - believe me, work has been insane, as you can tell by the lack of updates.