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There are Cherokees of Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, for instance, in the Flint area.This above population is, by and large, all the Cherokee Indians who have a connection to the legal Cherokee tribe now living in the eastern United States. Based on this new public chapter, the AOC, in consultation with the Family Law Section of the Tennessee Bar Association and the Tennessee Judicial Conference Domestic Relations Committee and other knowledgeable persons, finalized the form. §36-6-404, the Administrative Office of the Courts developed a parenting plan form that shall be used consistently by each court within the state that approves parenting plans pursuant to §36-6-403 or §36-6-404”. The AOC is mandated to distribute this form for the use of those courts no later than June 1, 2005.

There are several such groups, some of them unrelated to others.

There is one "block" of Indian people who live in the Cumberland region of Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia and southern Ohio who refer to themselves as Cherokee.

It is this group which I would like to examine in detail, but I would like, also, to look at the whole spectrum of groups who refer to themselves as Cherokees.

Of course, the best known body of Cherokees are those Indians who I will call, for lack of a better name, legal Cherokees.

They are descendants of the Cherokees who lived in the region of southeastern Tennessee, wetern North Carolina and northwestern South Carolina at the time of white contact.Some townships are much more conservative and traditional than others.