Can you get fired for dating someone at work

25-Feb-2020 22:07

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In some states, if you write about political matters, you may have protection under laws that make it illegal to discriminate against you for engaging in political activity.

Instead, other areas of the law, such as discrimination, drug testing, and harassment laws, protect an employee's off-duty conduct. I recently tried to get promoted to a managerial position but I was denied because I would be supervising my husband.

As long as the conduct does not present a conflict with the employer’s business, the activity should be allowed.

However, whether blogging falls under the list of protected activities has yielded varying results in case law. A new trend is increasingly taking hold, where companies looking to reduce their health care costs have established not just a "no smoking" policy, but a "no smokers" policy.

He says: “As for reasonable suspicion, the law does not impose any sort of standard that the employer must meet before taking action.

That is to say, the employer does not need admissions from the employees, or explicit emails, or video evidence.If indeed that’s how your company does it, that’s sex discrimination and is illegal.