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Customers can exchange points offered on 4 billion Pepsi bottles for, among other prizes, MP3 downloads from Warner, EMI, and Sony BMG (though not Universal).

Rockstar Games' 2008 title Grand Theft Auto IV connects to Amazon MP3.

The unofficial Apple Weblog praised the lack of DRM especially given that track prices were cheaper than i Tunes Plus songs at launch, but the reviewer considered the user experience better in i Tunes than on the Amazon web site.

Om Malik of Giga OM also praised the lack of DRM and the high bitrate but disliked the need to install another application to download albums.

It's like any number of existing media management applications.

To download purchased music, Amazon offers either the Amazon Music player (which runs on Windows 7 or later and Mac OS X 10.9 and later) or a zip file of MP3s downloaded from Amazon's web player.

Amazon Music previously offered additional applications, such as one for Blackberry and one for Palm. Amazon also previously offered a separate app for Mac OS X and Windows called the Amazon Music Downloader which is no longer available.

In addition, Amazon inserts the first part of the email address associated with your account The Amazon Music player (formerly branded Cloud Player) is integrated with the digital music Prime and Unlimited streaming services, as well as the music store for purchases (on most platforms).

The players allow users to store and play their music from a web browser, mobile apps, and desktop applications, Sonos (United States only), Bose (United States only) and other platforms such as certain smart TVs.

Why should it require an extra license to let people listen to music they already have?