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09-Feb-2020 21:40

Carbon 14 with a half life of 5,700 years can only be used to date fossils of approximately 50,000 years. If 50% of pure uranium' is left in a sample the sample is assumed to be 4.5 billion years old.( This is assuming that the original sample was 100% uranium and no Uranium 238 has been eroded or lost in 4.5 billion years old.Most fossils are thought to be much older than 50,000 years. The fossilized remains have been mineralized where the original organic material has been replaced and turned into stones containing no carbon. If a fossil has only 25 % of the Uranium 238 the sample has an estimated age of 3.2 Billion years.Tin for example has ten stable isotopes, and up towards 20 radioactive ones. There are three naturally occurring isotopes for carbon. Many other isotopes are used for dating different items, and… Yes, measurements of the ratio of carbon-14 (radioactive) to carbon-12 (nonradioactive) in a sample is used as a type of clock to determine the age of the sample. Presumably, the organism is eating a constant proportion of C14 while it lives. Carbon for example has two stable isotopes (C12 and C13), and another half-dozen or so of short-lived ones. C14 is a natural isotope with a half-life of around 5700 years, and is very useful for dating archaeological remains. There is not much of it, C14 occurs in trace amounts, only making up as much as 1 part per trillion (0.0000000001%) of the carbon on the Earth.This amount of C14 is in balance, the amount created in the upper atmosphere balances the amount lost by the natural radioactive decay of…

Carbon 14 can only be used to date fossils of a very recent age.But a very very small proportion of c14(isotope of c12) is present in the elemental state of carbon… When they die, they stop absorbing carbon 14 and the isotope then decays.Form the time of death of the organism, the quantity of C14, as a proportion of the total carbon in the organism declines and, measuring that decrease allows the age (or time of death) of the organism to be determined. Carbon 14 dating is based on the absorption of atmospheric carbon by living things.Radioactive decay may be used in carbon dating, testing for the amounts of a radioactive carbon isotope (C14) in the remains of some organism. When the thing dies it no longer takes in carbon from the atmosphere through processes such as eating or respiration and levels of C14 in the body deplete due to the natural process of radioactive decay. Carbon-14 is naturally found in the atmosphere in the form of heavy CO2.

C14 obviously only works on organic material which was once alive, such as wood or bone. By seeing how much C14 remains it is possible to see how long it has been since… The reason for this has to do with neutron flux from the sun hitting nitrogen in the upper atmosphere - whatever.

The major element in anything living or dead is Carbon, C.

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