Britney and justin dating

19-Jan-2020 04:29

I’ve been thinking a lot about the role of the capital-E Ex.Recently, Justin Bieber spiraled into his own soft depression following Selena Gomez’s breakdown and Wilmer Valderrama dropped everything and rushed to Demi Lovato's side at the hospital after her reported overdose. Timberlake and Spears saw sparks while on tour together in 1998-1999.

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Neither of them really ever went into detail about why their relationship ended, with Timberlake expertly dodging the question in an interview with Barbara Walters shortly after the split:"I remember when we decided we were going to go our separate ways, we sat down and I said to her, 'If there's ever a moment where you ever need me, you can rest assured that I will be there, because I love you as a person and I will always love you.' But I also said, 'Look, no matter what we say at this point people are going to speculate things, and I could really get myself in horrible position if I was to say something and somebody misinterpreted, because that happens all the time.' And I promised her that I wouldn't say specifically why we broke up."Timberlake and Spears have remained somewhat amicable over the years, although they have yet to actually reunite.

In Justin and Britney break up when Justin begins to get jealous of Britney's closeness with her choreographer.