Brandy dating history

14-Mar-2020 17:35

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The Simon family from England assumed leadership of Courvoisier in 1909.They had been in the wine and spirits business in the UK for generations, and saw its potential as a true global brand.A century after Napoleon Bonaparte was at the height of his power, we launched our Napoleon Cognac in honour of our most famous advocate.This revolutionary move gave birth to a new grade of cognac, 'Napoleon', a spirit carefully hand-crafted and in its day, one of the key upper marques in terms of ageing.It was an extravagant affair, attended by celebrities as diverse as the future King Edward VII of England, Buffalo Bill, Vincent Van Gogh, Henry James and the inventor of the lightbulb, Thomas Edison.Amongst such exalted company, Courvoisier won the ultimate international prize of its day, the Medaille d'Or.

With that in mind, they decided to take a bold change of direction for their business.The Second World War forced George Simon to leave France for the UK in 1940.