Black college dating

27-Nov-2019 04:59

Immediately I was turned off, and felt almost betrayed, because myself would never "date" a black girl, although at one point in time I would have slept with one, just because of how I was when I was younger.I started asking questions, about why she did this, and if she slept w/ him.I guess I should just put it off as a mistake of hers, as when I do question her about it, she seems ashamed, and hurt over it, and immediately becomes defensive saying how I throw this in her face. I have been tested as well as her, and we are both clean.I am not trying to be ignorant, I just want to make sure she is not attracted to a black guy anymore, light or dark skinned. If you can put it behind you, then I see nothing wrong with it. However, make sure she gets an STD test before you stay with her if you choose to. I dont mean to get too personal, however lets put it this way, she has been with less than 5 guys at 26 years old, and is a very attractive girl.I also asked my girlfriend what she would think if her and I ever had kids, and her 15 year old daughter brought home a black guy to date.She said that she wouldn't put up w/ it, and wouldn't allow it.You also have to start wondering when the virgin is in their 30's or older -- is it commitment or neurosis?The flip side with dating someone who is a little less than virgin is knowing this person chose you over all others, with no factor of naivete involved.

She says they are only friends, and thats it, as I do believe her, however MAYBE I am being a little too judgemental, and controlling w/ her??? You're not even engaged, and you're jealous with phone conversations with friends?Just imagine if you stayed with her and had children with her.How could you look at your child and live with yourself knowing that his/her mother had been with a black?I've dated some virgin men my age, and they had issues.

When the two of you meet as virgins and develop together, well, that's a whole different story.I woudn't get rid of a great woman by what she did when she was 19yrs old, she was young, she was probably less racially aware, she didn't date more than one, and that should all be left in the past, if shes a good woman i wouldn't let that mistake come betwen you and her.