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06-Jan-2020 04:27

Indonesian girls are a topic near and dear to my heart.After traveling and seducing chicks throughout the country for months on end, I found myself dating an absolutely stunning and sweet girl.If you haven’t explored Asia a lot, you may be surprised how well you get on with this sweet, caring girls.I wrote more about the girls in Indonesia and how they look and act here: Indonesia is a vast country of nearly 250 million people. However, population isn’t the only factor that comes into play.If you’re looking for more information on cities in Indonesia that are ideal for dating, then check these posts out: So how do you decide whether to go to Jakarta or Bali first?

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The women in Indonesia are average height for Asian girls.The language is only useful in Indonesia and doesn’t have a lot of value from a business perspective.Next, many Indonesian girls in small towns have never even dreamed of dating a “bule” before.Now that you understand a little about women in Indonesia, let’s talk a little about how to seduce, date, and mate with these beautiful chicks. If you follow what I say and have any experiencing with women (i.e. You’ll want to take a three-pronged approach to meeting women in the country until you get settled in.

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you’ve made sweet sex with at least 10 of them in your life), then you will meet some fine Indonesian girls. Once you find your niche, you can decide if you’ll use online, night, or day game. The type of game you use to seduce Indonesian women also depends on the city you’re in.

If you’re a western man looking to check out this country, then I promise you that’ll you can meet some fine Indonesian girls. No matter why you’re going to these islands, there’s one thing for sure – girls in Indonesia are on your mind. And why did I have so much interest in women in Indonesia?