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10-Feb-2020 01:07

Dana Bash was initially an editor at the Washington Bureau, planning and coordinating CNN’s Capitol Hill and the State Department coverage.

In a recent interview with Thabiz, Natalie dished about her time as a Houston Rockets dancer, her goals for the future and just how much Spanish she really speaks. Natalie phoned in to the Jackie & Bender show on KISS 106.1 FM in Seattle on May 13th to promote her performance on BFD.During her time at George Washington, Dana was also an intern at NBC, CBS, and CNN.Dana has a brother who is a producer of video news and video public relations under the name DMS Productions.The couple started living in separate houses even before their baby was one year old but they were still able to effectively act out their parenting roles in their son’s life.

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When questioned about the divorce, Dana said that they will continue to co-parent their son, with maximum professionalism.She also requested the media to respect their privacy, during those difficult times.