Audrina and brody dating

02-Jan-2020 02:39

Even though they were also technically single before. The only logic for us to have Stephanie there in the first place was that my mom and dad would be there to keep the peace and taste-test the food for poison. Just because Justin brought in a different girl doesn’t mean you two didn’t leave Vegas arm-in-arm last week.

I’m way more excited to watch Brody and Kaitlynn being single than I was with them being a couple. They pulled out minutes before Stephanie Pratt showed up. Let me tell you one thing though: It’s hilarious that Stephanie thinks we would eat something she makes. ” Especially after Audrina told him what happened in Vegas. It doesn’t matter what she said because when the best thing anyone can say is “well, he didn’t hit her,” you know that’s no good. Instead of treating Audrina like a human being with hurt feelings, Stephanie’s like, “See, he’s got a new girl? ” It’s like, no, give people a chance to process their feelings.

She never really let Brody off the hook, and now they’re both single — and before they know it they go from friends, to friends with benefits.

But Brody isn’t looking to settle down, and soon he meets a new girl.

She got my phone one time and she was going through all the different people that were in my phone, saying names. So signing up for all of that exposure again was a really tough decision for both of us."However, this time on the show has been "different," Jenner said.

She refused them and she refused Paris, leading to this iconic quote.

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