Asus p527 updating failure

03-Oct-2019 06:28

Build number not similar to : https://com/pub/AS ... I tried checking the built in System Update option in ASUS but there is no FOTA notifcations showing or any updates available that's why I can't proceed with your instructions. Error Message (See Screenshot) (I did this on several permutations. Ön Phone reboot, ASUS Logo, "Installing System Updates (no progress bar, btw) 9.I got a new update for my device today & I have downloaded it and click install..during the installation process it failed showing an error msg..there is no update available for my device.should i do now 😕 I have a very good wifi connection so there is no such problem And about the update i have tried manually also but my first asus smartphone i thought asus a nice brand & i was not expecting this from a brand like this... I've downloaded the firmware update on your website for Android Oreo 8.1 for the latest OS update for ZFMP M1 but the phone can't install it.

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Having transferred the ZIP file back and forth on SD card to Internal Storage and vice versa, also tried to Factory reset which I indicated on first post, and also did load the installation files from Recovery mode but error message "No command" pops up. By any chance, could you help me with updating my Android N to WW-.67?

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