Are you dating a player

06-Jan-2020 12:52

It’s another to actually say “I love you” to that someone.If you are dating a guy, or have been talking to a guy for a very short amount of time, and he’s already told you he’s in love with you, he wants to marry you, surprises you with some random ass piece of jewelry, or anything else that feels like the setup of a Lifetime movie, then you are dating a player.You know the kind of smirk basically saying “‘sup girl” without actually saying it?When I see guys with their girlfriends, or married men walking behind their wives at the mall, who literally think they are slick when they turn around to check a girl out, words like disgusting, pathetic and slime come to mind.Seriously, what’s to stop him from cheating on you, when he cheated on his last girlfriend with you? If you are dating a guy who says he’s never friends with any girls he dates on Facebook, or that he doesn’t even know why he has an account because he doesn’t even use Facebook, or any other lame excuse where he’s trying to justify you two not being friends and connected on social media, he’s a player.If something looks like a duck, walks like a duck, acts like a duck… If you are dating a guy who actually likes you, I can assure you he will have no problem being friends with you on Facebook. Most people have probably had the unfortunate privilege of meeting, dating, and trying to avoid them at all costs.

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But the minute you let your guard down and let him into your life, you’ll start to get that nagging suspicion that something’s not right.[Read: 15 sure signs he’s just not that into you] #4 Strong and fast.

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" However you decide to tell your date you’re sober, keep in mind that avoiding this topic will only make it worse when you eventually have to come clean about your sobriety.… continue reading »

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