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The show focused on the lives of teen Olympic hopefuls and their daily training and struggles towards their common goal, and as it turns out, the stars that managed to acquire the love of so many, went on to become quite iconic in the near future.Here's a round up of what the stars of Make It or Break It are up to now.TV show description: Set in Boulder, Colorado, this series focuses on a group of teenage gymnasts who are trying to make it to the Olympic Games. Nationals and possibly even the Olympics, conflict within their group becomes distracting.These athletes refer to their training gym, Rocky Mountain, as The Rock. Emily Kmetko (Chelsea Hobbs) is the newcomer at Rocky Mountain.Payson is a focused girl who has her mind set on winning Nationals, and eventually the Olympics.To do this, she trains 24/7 while fighting a persistent back injury that later affects her performance in Nationals. However, in the season finale, Payson's decision to not use cortisone after seeing Kelly Parker use it causes her to fall during her uneven bars routine and suffer a lumbosacral fracture.

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Emily Kmetko played by Chelsea Hobbs- Emily is the newest member of The Rock.Upon her arrival, she poses a threat to fellow gymnast Lauren Tanner, and ultimately beats her for a spot in the top three alongside Payson Keeler and Kaylie Cruz at The Rock's national trials.Throughout the series, Emily's family is revealed to be in trouble financially.Zachary, 37, has been in Awkward, The Secret Circle, Criminal Minds, and Shelter.

He's dating Elizabeth Henstridge and also runs a travel blog with a stuffed monkey.

He tries to do what is best for them, and helped Kaylie, Lauren and Emily place 1st, 4th, and 12th respectively at Nationals. He comes back to Boulder and ends up in jail for buying a mixer he didn't know was stolen. Carter Anderson played by Zachary Burr Able- Carter is Kaylie's boyfriend, as well as a close friend to Kaylie's brother, Leo. He later gave Kaylie a necklace that had belonged to his late mother.