Advice on dating a pilot

22-Nov-2019 02:37

The dreariness of winter has yet to set in, so the dark days are still romantic ones. Roast the seeds for a tasty snack while you perfect your creations. On rainy days, you can curl up with a hot toddy and a loved one. Which makes me happy as he has no obligation to me as of right now, since I am not his girlfriend yet.

I am not sure what advice i have other than to say yes these relationships can be very hard for some and I am not sure I could successfully ever have dated a man whose profession kept him on the road a lot but if i did it would take enormous trust. Unless something fishy happens you gotta trust him. I feel very confident that he is being loyal to me. If you want to have them, do you really want to put them through the pain of not getting to know their father?

Friends of mine keep saying things like you never know he may have a family or a girlfriend here and there.

I have been trying to keep an open mind, as he has not done anything for me not to trust him.

Although he does make attempts to text me everyday, or to tell me to text him whenever I feel like it and he will reply back or call me when he can.

So far he has been really good at replying right away, and making sure that I am aware that he is not ignoring me if he does not reply right away.

I am more concerned about my ability to handle the possible chances that I may not be able to talk to him as much as I would like. However, hearing periodically from others that you know the stereotype of a pilot, it does make me paranoid. This is one profession that I have lost total respect for!! You are basically making the choice to be a single mom if you marry him and have children?

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