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04-Dec-2019 12:04

It can also give delivery reports for those messages which you sent.

There is no need to configure your ip or various network details to start this freeware.

This free peer to peer chat application lets you send smileys and receive and send files.

This freeware automatically identify users in a network.

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TONIC works on the basis of peer to peer technology. TONIC lets you communicate with your colleagues or associates on your local area network without needing an internet connection. With the help of this freeware you can communicate with your colleagues in your office in a Local area network. OMessenger is a free peer to peer (p2p) chat software.

These let you communicate with your associates or colleagues on a local area network easily.

All these P2P chat software are completely free and can be downloaded to Windows PC.

In both these cases it lets you talk to your colleagues or associates with the press of a button. Wire Note is a free peer to peer (p2p) chat application.

With the help of this freeware you can share files and also chat with other users on the local area network.

Its main features are link management, notes, reminder, to do list etc.

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