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28-Feb-2020 01:45

I did this privately - through Dhs then health insurance but only to look at stabilising from pneumonia episde as health insurance will not cover chronic conditions.I was given a plan - which allows a higher dose of inhaled steroid than the asthma nurse would be allowed to suggest and I am stable now since going to this dose when I have the potential for a flare up usually stops the need for oral steroids ( I was needing a course every month at one stage! I think I am much like you - lacking in 'chest stamina' which affects walking and talking and pretty much everything.My PF on waking is around 270 ( worse if I have forgotten my serevent the night before! I am much better than when the last thread was running - no longer 'a bit brittle' - Hooray!I have bought a breathing gadget (power breather)but frankly do not know if it is helping.Interesting my asthma was dormant few a few years until I went to a subtrobical part of Australia.I think the humidity and moulds etc triggared it back into action.

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Through all of her newborn days, autumn, winter, etc etc, fairly inexplicably I have had the best wintertime in about 4 years with very little asthma episodes (just one chesty cold I think - again !

I am very breathless/wheezy atm because I am just over a chest infection which followed a prolonged virus and has left me with an awful cough. I have been wondering about one of those devices which 'trains' your breathing' I'd be interested to know how you get on magso.

It may sound daft but at night I find f I put Vicks on my chest last thing and breathe down the neck of my nightie then I sleep better-as long as I am propped up.

For me the allergic rhinitis usually precedes worsening asthma by a few minutes so it's a useful warning sign I suppose.

When I was younger I could get very tight chested for no warning at all. I tend to keep an old fashioned vicks sniffer thing next to the bed because I hate breathing through my mouth at night!

It depends on why I am breathless ( not that I always know!

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